With the donation of 10,000 € to the Pro Retina Foundation for the prevention of blindness, we are pleased to be able to contribute to the research activities initiated by the foundation in the fight against blindness. Dr Markus Dachtler, Managing Director of Gen-Plus handed over the check in a pre-Christmas atmosphere to Mr Reinhard Rubow, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Pro Retina Foundation at the Gen-Plus premises in Munich.

„There is a long-standing relationship with Pro Retina“ said Dr. Dachtler, „already in the 2000s we did“ joint research on the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which are enriched in the retina.“ The honorary president of the Pro Retina registered association, Dr. Rainald von Gizycki points out in this connection, “ that many concerning hope to slow down or even stop the Erblindindungsprozess by food addition – which caused the Pro Retina to the publication of the cook book ?the eye eats also? Dr. Dachtler: „with full conviction, our team supports the goal of helping patients through research as part of our corporate social responsibility.

Rubow, himself a researcher in the Retina Implant project for many years, enthuses during the lab tour at Gen-Plus: „This is a very impressive contract lab with the latest innovations and technologies from the pharmaceutical industry. The development activities around personalized medication using 3D printers are a fundamental achievement of Dr. Dachtler and his companies Gen-Plus and DiHeSys Digital Health Systems.“

The donation was made possible by Gen-Plus, which now acts as an innovation and technology driver within the Conscio Group. Rubow: „At the Pro Retina Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness, we attach great importance to supporting young scientists, for example through doctoral scholarships. The donation will therefore be used for projects to research degenerative retinal disease. For this, once again, our warmest thanks!“

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