About us

Gen-Plus is a versatile CDMO providing formulation and development services from idea to production, with deep expertise and access to a broad portfolio of technologies, including semi-solids, patches, oral thin films, narcotics, personalized medicine and 3D drug printing. Gen-Plus is part of the Conscio group and is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

We design formulation and technology concepts for the pharmaceutical industry.

This includes solid and semi-solid dosage forms as well as patches and thin films. The range is from the early idea to the medicinal product samples (for clinical trials) under GMP conditions. Another competence of us is consulting services for the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to NCE formulations for Big Pharma, Gen-Plus creates innovative design-arounds and Generics-plus concepts for established APIs. There is also a substantial number of OTC- and dietary supplement-projects in the pipeline.

Recently, Gen-Plus has started to work on biotech molecules (non-parenteral) and liposomes.

Our 1000 m2 laboratory is staffed by a team of formulation and analytics experts.

Special equipment allows handling of high potent active pharmaceutical ingredients. In addition, Gen-Plus has a comprehensive quality management system and is licensed for the handling of narcotics.

We have continuously invested in new technology e.g. Hot Melt Extrusion, Lyophilization, Amorphization of APIs, Micro-/Nanoemulsions etc.

Recent innovations include alternative technologies based on Laser and 2D-/3D-Printing Technology respectively.

Gen-Plus Is closely linked to numerous national and international CROs and universities.

Thus, we offer to our customer access to the latest technologies for scientific cooperation-projects.

We look forward to finding – in close cooperation with you – solutions for your complex challenges. Get in touch with our innovative team and our broad-based laboratory.

You will get inspired by many opportunities for innovation!

History of GEN-PLUS

Gen-Plus GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1999 to serve the pharmaceutical industry with the focus on R&D services, mainly in new technologies for medicinal products. Initially, these research activities were performed as a 100% subsidiary of Ratiopharm.

In June 2015 the company was acquired by Dr. Markus Dachtler, and a privately-owned independent company was working for various pharmaceutical companies as contractual research, development and manufacturing organization. We continuously invested in our innovative laboratory to provide our customers with a wide range of attractive development opportunities.

In 2022, the company was acquired by the Conscio Group and has been operating as a full service provider for pharmaceutical innovation from the product idea to the final drug product. We focus on feasibility studies, proof of concepts, formulation and process development, process scale up as well manufacturing and release of IMPs and validation batches in the area of solids, semi-solids, non-sterile liquids, transdermal systems, orodispersible thin films and personalized medicine via 2D and 3D printed as well as innovative formulations and capabilities for processing high potent APIs as well as narcotics (controlled substances).

Our Team

We have a team of motivated experts in Galenic, Formulation, Analytics, Project and Quality Management as well as Business Development and Finance/Administration.

The Company’s success results from our team´s expertise, which has continuously grown over their professional tenure within formulation and technology.

Quality & Certifications

Quality Management

Quality has always been the highest priority in all our projects.

We prove this by high quality development work, which meets international standards.

Our quality management system is continuously kept up-to-date and updated in accordance with regulatory requirements.


We are licensed for GMP manufacturing of clinical trial supplies Phase I.


We are fully compliant with the standard EHS policies, ensured by our highly trained and well experienced employees.


In order to accommodate our costumers, we assign a responsible Gen-Plus person as your “single point of contact”. He meets all tasks of a modern project manager, and is always available for you.

Only when our customers are fully satisfied by the successful development of our work, and wish to cooperate again with us, have we achieved our goal!

Please contact us!


Business Partners

Together with our business partners, we develop innovative formulation concepts and new technologies


We have developed creative contributions for participating in local and international research projects. In this field we are intensively cooperating with renowned organizations and universities.

Research supported by public funds

Gen-Plus researches are supported by public funds of governmental and non-governmental institutions.