Permeation, Dissolution and Particel Characterization


We are familiar with all common in-vitro models for testing the permeation and penetration of pharmaceutical products. This includes the classic Franz cell, Ussing – chambers and the “Saarbrückener model”.

In this context we use the following tissues/membranes: human skin, pig skin, buccal mucosa (pig) and small intestinal mucosa (rat), artificial membranes, etc.

We gladly develop and establish customized models on request (alternative animal skins and special artificial membranes).


Tailored to your needs, we offer dissolution methods for various dosage forms using USP Apparatus I, II, IV and V. The media are of compendial grade.

Biorelevant media like FeSSIF/FaSSIF are also used to get deeper insight into the biopharmaceutical properties of your product.

Particel Characterization

In the field of particle characterization, we offer in addition to visualization by light microscopy two measuring methods for particle size determination. These are based on the dynamic (Zetasizer: 0.6 to 6 microns) and static (Mastersizer: up to 2000 microns) laser light scattering.

As further tools for powder characterization we have established methods for surface area and pore-distribution measurement by gas adsorption (BET) and determination of electrical particle charge (zeta potential).

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Together with our business partners, we develop innovative formulation concepts and new technologies.

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Our technologies at Gen-Plus include:

Original Products /

We formulate new drug products and hard-to-formulate active ingredients.

Generica /

We manufacture for you medicinal products for Phase I studies.

Biotech /

In cooperation with manufacturers of APIs from the Biotech field, we pursue the development of innovative formulations.


In the field of contract development, we offer feasibility studies and check your API, to find out how to make best use of it to meet your goal.

IMP Manufacturing

We are a certified manufacturer for clinical samples Phase I, for Phase I studies. We are currently focused on oral solids.


An important issue in pharmaceutical development is the protection of intellectual property through patents.


Permeation, dissolution and particle characterization.


Full range of services for narcotic substances and products.

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